Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winners for the First Giveaway

Yaye, we finally have 3 winners for this giveaway. Firstly, thanks a lot for everyone who joined this. Thank you thank you very much. Many thanks for all the entries. And so sorry for announcing this late, i had a hard time choosing the winner!! Everyone's entries is just so great. But i still have to pick out winners right? So for those who didnt win this, dont feel upset as we will be having more of this kind of giveaway in the future as soon as i reached 100 fans, 150, 200 and more!! Thank you for supporting us and do keep supporting!! ;). Anyway, here's the 3 winners for this giveaway.

First (gets to choose 3 items from my blog):Sabrina
Second(gets to choose 2 items from my blog):Syuhada
Third(gets to choose 1 item from my blog):Roh Aini

Congratulations to all the 3 winners!! :D. You can click on their name to view their entries. Oh ya, just to avoid any confusion. All the items are based on first come first serve basis. If 2 person interested in the same item at the same time, the first person who emailed me first will get it. :). And for those who didnt win, dont worry and dont upset, we have something for you. You will get a 20% discount on your next purchase on any item. :).Once again, thank you very much for joining this. Stay tuned! We will have more of this kind of contest/ giveaway in the future. :D.


  1. tahniah kepada pemenang2..thanks juga coz bagi diskaun!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yes,i won~!

    thank u so much...

    later,i'll send the email to u..

    thanks again~!!

  4. tahniah pada yang menang...
    wah.. dpt diskaun la...

  5. dear..nak tny, leh tak kalu ai bagi kat my fren diskaun 20% tu?

  6. boleh dear,tapi you must ask her to use your name. :)