Sunday, May 1, 2011

Second Giveaway

Aloha all my dear shoppers!!:D. How's your day been going? We had our first giveaway few months back and we promised that we will have our 2nd giveaway as soon as our Facebook Fans reached 100 or our blog followers reached 50. And the great news is, both our Facebook fans and our blog followers reached the said numbers!!! Yaye!!!Lol, you might ask why is this such a good news to me. Well, only with all of your support, we managed to serve you until now. That's why we will organize giveaway every now and then, to show our appreciation and gratitude. :D. For those who participated in our previous giveaway, there were only 3 winners. But for this time, there will not be only 3 winners. There will be 6 winners!:D. And this time, the way of joining this giveaway is easy. Let me tell you the steps:

First : "Like" us on facebook.
Second : Comment on the photos/items that you wanted to get.
Third : Get as many "Like"s as you can on your comment.
Fourth : And yes, the highest number of "Likes" gets the item. :)

You can submit your entries(comments) on all the 6 items. But if you get the highest number of "Like" for 2 items, you only get to choose one item, the other item will go to the person with 2nd highest number of "Like".So that everyone can get it and not just one person gets it all. :)

What items are you all getting, you ask?
Just head on to our Facebook page and check out the album "2nd Giveaway".
Have fun!! Oh, this giveaway will start from today (1/5/11) until 15/5/11. :). Winners will be announced on Monday(16/5/11).

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