Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey ya,well well, i have an announcement to make.As i promised, i still have loads of goodies to be posted up.But if i post them up randomly,it will look messy and not organized.So i have another plan.Which is, every week, i will have a different theme to post up those items.And so, it wont be so messy!!:)).For example, this week's theme is tops. Then,the updates for the whole week will only be tops.Every monday will be the starting day of each week while every sunday will be the ending day of each week.The theme will appear again after few weeks. Because it's sort of like on a take turn basis. Well, this doesnt really affect our main operation system.Just that, this way will be more organized..Heeheee...Stay tuned for our next update..:D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stay Tuned for Updates!!!

Hi dearies, first of all, would like to apologise for replying late. Was away from KL this few days and couldnt access to the internet. :(. Anyway, I'm back now!!! :D. Everything will be back on track. And ya, we have more goodies for you. Mostly brand new stuff. Well, as usual, i will state the condition, whether it's brand new or preowned. We have tons of goodies for all of you out there. From clothes to accesories to books to skin care and cosmetic!! Rest assured that it's hygienically handled. Some are even brand new that i never open the seal before. So.....do stay tuned for our updates on tomorrow(14/10/2009)!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thank you

Well, the FREE POSTAGE promotion is now ended. Everything is back to normal. Lol. But fret not, all the prices are still negotiable. Just email us. We'll give you the best deal. :D

Oh ya, we are happy to announce that we are the winner of the Preloved Blogshop of the month of October organized by I Love You,Not. *jumps around happily*.Well, we got this mainly is because of you guys who vote for us. Thanks alot!!! Really thanks a lot!!! Hugs and kisses!!