Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Leafy Mini Tote

Item : Leafy Mini Tote. Suitable for casual outings when you don't feel like toting a big handbag. ;)
Condition : Brand new. Never use before.
Measurement : As compared to Cleo Magazine (Mini Edition)
Price : RM10
Status : Available

Email me : myprelovedsite@gmail.com

19 days to Christmas

As the title suggest, 19 more days and it will be Christmas!! Eggcited yet? X). Got your gifts ready? Fret not, we have a wide array of goodies available here. You might just find something for yourself and also your loved ones. Well since Christmas is just around the corner, we planned to do something. We will have surprises for you everyday. Yes you heard it, EVERYDAY! The surprises varies from discounts to mystery gifts to free postage! And lots more. We will reveal it everyday what is the surprise for that day. So stay tuned to our Facebook page as all the info will be revealed there. Happy shopping folks! :D