Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Selling off for a friend

As you would notice, all those stuff under the label of selling off for a friend have been removed. Why? Well, it's because..................she opened her own blogshop!!! :D. Namely RM10 stuff...Ya, glad to hear that!! This is her blogshop url. So if there's anything that appears in this blog before or never appear before, you can go to her blogshop to get it. Do support ya!!! Thanks so much!! :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minnie 3 quarter jeans

Item : Minnie 3 quarter jeans. Perfect for casual outing.
Condition : Still new. Worn a few times.
Size : Wasit : 15"     Length : 34"
Price : RM18
Status : Available


Item : Pink bracelet.
Condition : Used once before. The clasp is still functionable just that you might not be able to clasp it yourself and need another person to help you to do it.
Length : 12"
Price : RM18
Status : Available

A little bit of everything

Well, well, as you know, our first giveaway has ended(ya, it ended 3 weeks ago)Lol. A big thank you for those who participated. Thanks so much for your support. I truly appreciate it. For those who didnt win, we do have the 20% discount for you. :) which expires on 31st Dec 2010. So dont worry, if you dont see anything that you like here for now, we will be updating constantly. :). And thank you very much for those ideas. We will do it step by step. Do stay with us. ;). For those who missed this giveaway, fret not, there will be more giveaways to come. Stay tuned with us!! :). Happy shopping and have a great day!! :D